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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list off frequently asked questions we often get asked. Take a look at the list below and find out more about the things you've been curious lately or haven't even thought about yet!

Your wedding is an unforgettable event that you are organising with special care over a period of months. The result of your hard work is a fantastic day that you might have been dreaming of for years. It is fair to say that the only tangible memories will be provided by the team of photographers and videographers. The pictures and the video clip will make it possible to recall the emotional state of the Big Day even many years later. That is why it is important for us to help you based on our experience gathered throughout hundreds of weddings. Please see below for a few points to consider from the photographers' point of view.

1. How much time should we spend on taking creative photos at the day of the wedding?

If you wish to have your creative photo-session on your wedding day, we would say it's worth spending about an hour and a half or two hours for a shoot. This time period does not include traveling between the location or locations of the photo shoot and the venue of the wedding, but it is perfectly enough to make sure you feel comfortable while shooting. We can even go to some other places around your selected main location and take many pictures in different styles.

Thanks to the creativity and experience of our photographers, we can provide you with high quality images if less time is available for the photo session, but clearly it will contain fewer images to select from.

In case that you can't make time for the creative photo-session on your wedding day, we can reschedule it to another day. The 'Big Party' package already includes this option, however any of our packages can be further expanded with it.

2. When to schedule our creative photo shoot?

There is no golden rule for that, but based on our experience - the lights are beautiful in the afternoon around and after 4 PM, and pictures made in sunset can really turn out to be unique and romantic. We understand that the timing of your ceremony could easily affect the entire schedule of the day, but we would recommend you to avoid shootings around noon as much as possible.

In case that you can't make time for the creative photo-session on your wedding day, we can reschedule it to another day, so you can easily choose the best lightning you prefer. The 'Big Party' package already includes this option, however any of our packages can be further expanded with it.

3. Where should be the photographer seated during dinner and the receptions?

This might be a question you haven't really thought about, but it's importance is non-negligible. At the dinner/party location, it's worthwhile to choose the photographers' seats based on two aspects.

(1) Sockets, sockets and more sockets :) By the time we get to dinner, not only your guests get thirsty, but the batteries of our devices need a bit of charging. Although we do carry a lot of spare batteries with us, it is better to remain on the safe said and have the possibility of charging our devices at our desk so we don't have to hide behind the music band fighting for a few free sockets.
(2) It is desirable to place the team where they hear and see the events so that no one is required to run to another room to get one of our photographers when an important speech or event needs to be captured. We understand if your venue doesn't allow this. If that's the case, either the best man or the wedding organiser would need to let the members of the team know before each and every significant moment of the evening (i.e. speeches, wedding cake, etc.) to make sure our team members have time to prepare and capture those events.
4. Surprises on the wedding

Believe us, we all like surprises, so we fully understand if you are excited to plan a smart surprise for your guests. In order for us to be able to capture the moment and the guests' reactions, we kindly ask you to let us know in advance. We promise we can keep your secret :)

5. For how long can we expect the photographers to work at the wedding?

Photographers and videographers will be present at the wedding from the first event that has to be recorded until about 1am when the bride goes to change her clothes. We refrain from sticking to a fixed availability time: if necessary we can capture everything from the finishing touches of you getting ready until the last significant moment that needs to be captured on photo or video. We just gently ask you to sustain our team's drive throughout the long day with a little soft drink and few bites to eat.

6. What kind of cameras and technical equipment do you use?

This is one of our favourite question as we are very proud of our ever-expanding and improving set of equipment. We use DSLR cameras (Canon 1DX, Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 6D, Canon 6D Mark II) and Canon lenses for shooting pictures and videos. The videos can be decorated with shots taken with a gimbal camera (DJI Osmo) or one of our drones (DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Inspire). To record the main events in full we use a 4K Panasonic camera. Our Broncolor studio lights can be used during the creative photo sessions if necessary.

It is considered extremely important that after using such premium-grade technology for recording, the post-production work should also be performed on the best computers and devices. With our own digital lab (Noritsu QSS-350I Plus) and large format printer (Canon Pro-4000) we can create colourful posters and canvas pictures to ensure that the handheld version of wedding books and retouched pictures are just as high quality as their digital version.

7. How much time in advance do we have to book the photographers?

It depends on the date of your wedding. There are more popular periods (when there is a higher chance of having a nice weather on your wedding day), and for those dates it is recommended to have your photographers booked up to 8-10 months in advance. However, our great advantage is that our team is made up of many talented photographers and videographers, so we are able to capture several wedding on the same day, thanks to our extensive crew and technical background.

8. When can we get the edited photos?

We know that you are really excited about the photos taken on your wedding that you organised with special care, but please bear in mind that the great majority of the work we need to do would only start when you provide us with the selected pictures you want us to retouch for you. Wedding photography nowadays is not just about documenting what happened throughout the day. It is more of a complex and creative process that requires extremely up-to-date skills, expertise and years of relevant work experience. The pictures are edited one by one, by hand (with no automation), and it includes various things from smoothing skin imperfections, through amending the colours of the picture and cropping the images, to removing unsuitable objects from the background or dirt from the dress/clothes if necessary. Our photographer can work up to 25-30 minutes on average on each photo, but it may also take up to a few hours on some special creative pictures. From the day we receive the selected pictures from you that needs editing you should allow usually up to 4-6 weeks to provide you with the digital version of your edited photos. The printed versions of the photos will be handed over together with the finalised and bound wedding books.

9. What is the process of editing and finalising the wedding book?

Following on from editing your pictures we will put together the pages of the wedding book. The digital version of each and every page will be sent over to you together with the retouched pictures (see answer for Question 8). Then we expect you to reply in an e-mail to either confirm you are happy with the edition exactly as it is or it's time for you to suggest changes (for example swapping photos, including more or less photos on a given page, using the black & white or the colourful version of a photo). Now it's our turn to make the final edition based on your requests and re-send the pages to you for a review. Usually it takes one or two rounds of this iteration to finalise the digital version of the book, and it is not uncommon that the very first edition gets accepted by the couple. This process is followed by printing the pages and binding the books with the cover you choose.

10. When can we receive the wedding books?

Once the pages of the wedding book get finalised as described in Question 9 we print and send them to our bookbinder who will make your beautiful, hand-made and customised books within 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile the books are getting prepared we print all of your edited photos and get everything else in your package ready to the final hand over.

11. How long till we get our wedding video?

You may want to find out by your wedding day which of the two songs you want to have as a soundtrack under your video clip. As soon as we get that, we can start working on the video. It's also worthwhile to let us work through 4-6 weeks and allow our videographers to unfold and bring you an intimate and nicely decorated video.

12. How long till we receive our finished materials?

It really depends on how fast are you willing to provide us everything we need in order to start working and how easily we communicate throughout the editing process. First of all, you have to send us the number of images you've selected for the post production and the music you choose for the video clip. That's the starting point where our creative work starts. We always make sure to send you the work in progress whenever we reach a milestone. You will get the retouched pictures, book pages and even the video within 4-6 weeks forwarded via large file uploading service, so you can share it anytime with your family and friends. Having a smooth conversation with a quick feedback on the printability of the materials makes our work even faster. Our work goes on with printing, bookbinding, making DVDs and checking each material's quality throughout, testing and applying new solutions to get perfect results. All in all, within 2 to 4 months you can take the printed pictures, books and DVDs that we've already delivered you digitally in your own hand.

13. Can we order pictures beyond what's included in the package?

Of course! We have multiple sizes you can easily choose from, starting with size 10x15 cm up to size 90x130 cm. We produce photos and canvas pictures using our own machines to ensure high quality. Find out more about the pricing via e-mail.

14. Can we modify the content of the service packages?

Yes, we can definitely customise our packages! Send us an e-mail and tell us more about the details, we'll be happy to give you a personalized offer that fits your needs!

If you have a question that has remained unanswared, please send it in an e-mail and we will get back to you: [javascript protected email address]

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