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Drone package

Our packages can be further extended with shooting with a drone, or it can be purchased as a standalone service as well.

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Shots from a bird's eye view can be used to decorate your wedding video beautifully. In addition to the spectacular presentation of your venue, we can also take group pictures with the drone.

This package includes the followings:

  • taking pictures and shooting videos with a drone,
  • 15-25 mins raw video material,
  • taking group pictures,
  • the enitre raw material will be handed over.

The price of this package as a standalone service is 60 000 HUF. If this service is purchased to further extend one of our other packages the price is 30 000 HUF.

Note: The drone can fly in ideal weather conditions (i.e.: no wind or rain) and only if the venue allows.

The video is a 6-8-minute-long clip in full HD resolution, that gives you a beautiful and intimate summary of the most important moments of the day. It is usually edited by using two songs preferred by the couple. We also take care of documenting the main events in full so your parents or your childer will be able to watch them in full and relive your special day. The ceremonies, speeches, the first dance and other important moments of the day is recorded by a relatively static camera that will be edited so we can give make you a 1-1.5 hours long movie.

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